Dido and Aeneas – 2010

Dido, Queen of Carthage – Lizzie Overstreet
Aeneas, a Trojan warrior – Alec Smith
Belinda, Dido’s handmaiden – Lauren DeLorme
Second Woman, Attendant – Heidi Roland
First Witch – Wendy Donaghy
Second Witch – Sonia Alexis
Sorceress – Celie Thomas
Sailor – Jeremiah O’Brine
Spirit – Scott Fleischman
Chorus of Courtiers, townspeople, & witches –
Karen Powers, Katie Kennedy, Wanda Maddox
Sue Rivord, Marilyn Elizabeth Jay,
Jared Anderssel, Aaron Kirby, Leith Swenson,
Roger Clark, Fred Lund

Conductor – Rob Viens
First Violin – Laura Barnes, Kathy Diaz
Second Violin – Kris Turner, Frances DeRook
Viola – Jane Perkins
Cello – Adrienne Syvertson
Bass – Natalie Binning
Keyboard – Katie O’Rourke

Director – Rob Viens
Assistant Director/Stage Manager – Samantha Creed
Producer/choreographer – Celie Thomas
Costume Mistress – Katie Kennedy
Costumes – Renee Kennedy
Construction – Eddie Lester
Publicity – Wanda Maddox
Poster Design – Virginia Prowell
Webmaster – Chris Walljasper
House Manager – Tom Donaghy